This week’s Diva Challenge #173 is to redux, remix and revisit our comfort tangle.  I was very excited to do this challenge!  I like to use many tangle patterns in my tiles but I have tended to incorporate new ones in all my recent works.   I’ve been wanting to revisit my favourite official patterns and my comfort tangles that I used to use often when I first started tangling back in November.

(I’m diverting a bit from the challenge ask to use one main tangle intertwined with a secondary tangle.  I may submit another this week that will be a duotangle.)

I also wanted to try something I’ve never done before – use my watercolour pencils on my black Strathmore tiles.  I tend not to use my black tiles because I get frustrated with the thick white lines of the gel pencil.  With this challenge, I knew I’d be forced to keep it simple.  I would also have to try new techniques with colour to keep the tile interesting.

I call my piece “Starfruit”.  I’m craving one now.  Luckily I live in multicultural Vancouver, BC where exotic fruits are available from time to time.  The tangles I used are:  Fengle, Tripoli, Umble, Paradox, Florz, Keeko and Shattuck.  I really enjoyed the smoothness and vibrancy of the soft pencils on the black tile.  Now I’ll be less intimidated and more inspired to tangle on a black background.


Strathmore 6″x6″ tile, Sakura white gel pen, Ranger white opaque pen, Sakura Soufflé pens, Faber-Castelle Aquarelle pencils, and white charcoal pencil


I started out with TanglePattern string #097.

TanglePattern String 097

I then did a practice black tile to figure out which tangle pattern to use and to see what my watercolour pencils look like on black paper.


Tomorrow, I will go hunt for starfruit!



The Diva’s Weekly Challenge #166 is to use the Diva’s new yet un-named tangle.  This one was a quick and fun tangle for me.  My zentangle tile submission is called “Brain Cog”.  The tangles used were the Diva’s new tangle, Axlexa, Caviar and a tiny bit of Fengle.

This reminds me of my brain.  The wheels are always churning in my head.  I can be both analytical and creative.  I like organizing and connecting dots.  I probably have lots of missing brain cells too hence the holey spots in the tile.  Enjoy!

Brain Cog

“Brain Cog”
6″x6″ tile, Sakura micron pens, graphite pencil


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