This piece, entitled “Nigiri Sushi”, is based on the Diva’s zentangle challenge theme “Curvy Gridlock”.  I get so excited to try new patterns that I’ve been packing them all into my tiles lately.  I should probably do a duotangle next to curb myself from these dense tiles.  Perhaps I’ll try doing a monotangle.  Funny, aside from my practice sketches, I haven’t done a monotangle before!  I’m fairly new to zentangling.  I started in late November 2013 and have not stopped doodling since!

Nigiri Sushi

“Nigiri Sushi”
6″x6″ tile, micron pens, Sakura metallic silver gel pen, graphite pencil


The Diva’s Zentangle Challenge page:




4 years ago · Reply

Wow! I am in love with this gorgeous piece of art!


4 years ago · Reply

Wow I love it! Just keep on doing what you are doing child cause its really cool. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us.


Donald W
4 years ago · Reply

So much to take in and enjoy.


1 Art Lady Kate Tangles
4 years ago · Reply

Lots of fun patterns in this piece! Nice!


4 years ago · Reply

Beautiful! Great choice of tangles!


4 years ago · Reply

Keep tangling, this is a great tile with beautiful tangles.

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