So excited! This is my first submission to the Diva’s Weekly Challenge.  





4 years ago · Reply

Where have you been al this time, it is gorgeous. I like the red color hearts withing a very organic background. Great job!


4 years ago · Reply

Congratulations on your first entry! I looks great! NancyD


4 years ago · Reply

WOW! Fantastic! Those 2 red hearts are so intense!


4 years ago · Reply

Wow! I love the red just enough and not too much!!! So glad you are here to share your work! Thanks so much!


4 years ago · Reply

Welcome here!!!! I LOVE your tile, you have chosen great tangles.


1 Art Lady Kate Tangles
4 years ago · Reply

Beautifully done! Just love it!


Karen P
4 years ago · Reply

I just love this…layers upon layers.


Donald W
4 years ago · Reply

Great line work. Nice array of tangles.


ha! designs
4 years ago · Reply

Gorgeous! Congrats on your first submission… and man, is it amazing!


4 years ago · Reply

Thank you, everyone, for your feedback! I feel so welcomed! I am looking forward to seing more from the Diva Challengers.


4 years ago · Reply

Nice job! It’s very stunning.


Tinkered Art
4 years ago · Reply

Beautiful, and yes, welcome to the challenge – look forward to seeing more of your work.

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